суббота, 1 ноября 2014 г.

Project 3. Profiles

Task 1
Write a short paragraph about your favourite character in a book. Write:
  • name;
  • appearance;
  • character;
  • what is special about him/ her.
Task 2
Write an article (80-100 words) about a person you admire for the school magazine. Use the paragraph plan in Ex. 5, p. 30 to help you and the text in Ex. 1, p. 30 as a model. 

Task 3
Collect information using the Internet about a popular tourist attraction in Russia where you can see people in special uniforms. Write an e-mail to your English penfriend. Include:
  • where it is;
  • who you can see there;
  • what they look like.
Task 4
Did children work in your country in the 19th century? Use your history books or the Internet to find out. Write a short text about what kind of jobs they did and what their lives were like.
Все работы, выполненные по теме "Внешность, характер", размещаем с ярлыком "Profiles".

пятница, 10 октября 2014 г.

My favourite author

My favourite author is Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov. He is a Russian Romantic writer, poet and painter. Sometimes Lermontov is called "the poet of Caucasus".  He was born in Moscow in 1814.

In February 1829 Lermontov joined the 5th form of the Moscow University's boarding-school. At school he started to read a lot and edit a student journal. Then Lermontov studied at the philological faculty of the Moscow University.

He is famous for his poem Death of the poet. Lermontov wrote about the war of 1812 in Borodino. The main character of it is Kutuzov.

воскресенье, 5 октября 2014 г.

Ivan-tsarevich and the Grey Wolf

"Ivan-tsarevich and the Grey Wolf" is a Russian folk fairytale. There are two variants of this tale. In one of them the tsar Berendey is the main character, in another the tsar Vyslav.

The tsar had three sons. Ivan-tsarevich was the youngest one. Someone was stealing the golden apples in the tsar’s garden.

The tsar wanted his sons to catch the thief. Ivan told his father that it was a Firebird and the tsar ordered his sons to find that mysterious bird. Young men went to the other lands. They were looking for the Firebird everywhere. That was a difficult way full of dangers. The Grey Wolf helped Ivan-tsarevich. It was his loyal and reliable friend.

This fairytale is kind. It learns us to be good and helpful. It shows that the good always triumphs over evil.

пятница, 3 октября 2014 г.

Project 2. Tale time

Task 1
Collect information using the Internet, then write an article about your favourite author. Write:
  • where he/ she was born;
  • what he/ she did before writing;
  • what famous characters he/ she wrote about;
  • what the  famous characters are like.
Task 2
Write a short plot for a book you read. Use the plot in Ex. 1, p. 19 (Student's book) to help you.

Task 3
Your school magazine is holding an adventure/ humorous/ mistery story competition. Write your story (about 100 words)/ Think about:
  • characters;
  • place;
  • time;
  • events in order;
  • climax event;
  • feelings.
Task 4
Think of a popular Russian folk tale. Write a short version of it for an international English magazine. Use the plan:
  • What is it about?
  • Who are the main characters?
  • What happens in the story?
  • What moral values does the text suggest?
Все работы, выполненные по теме "Время рассказов", размещаем с ярлыком "Tale time".

понедельник, 22 сентября 2014 г.

Our "Sunny park"

There is a beautiful park in the centre of Talovaya. It is not large. 

The white fountain is the main attraction of our park. There are many benches, slides and swings here. People like to walk in the park. Children play at the playground. You can enjoy green trees, beautiful flowers and lots of fresh air. 

This is my favourite place in Talovaya because I can meet with my friends, walk and relax here. We spend a lot of free time in the park and I always feel happy.

суббота, 20 сентября 2014 г.

Project 1. Lifestyles

Task 1
Write an e-mail to your English penfriend. Write about:
  • where you live;
  • your daily routine;
  • what you are doing these days/ tonight.
Task 2
Write a short article on your favourite place in our town. Do you go there in your free time (50-70 words)? Use as many adjectives as you can. Write:
  • where it is;
  • how big/ small it is;
  • what you can see there;
  • what you can do there;
  • why you like it;
  • how you feel there.
Task 3
Collect information using the Internet, then write a "special report" on our town for the Geo-Kids website. Include positive and negative points.

Task 4
Write a short text about landmarks in your country. Use a map of your country to give a talk to the class.

Все работы, выполненные по теме "Образ Жизни", размещаем с ярлыком "Lifestyles".

понедельник, 8 сентября 2014 г.

Модуль 1. Образ жизни.

Мы приступаем к изучению первого модуля. Нам предстоит познакомиться с тем, как живут люди в городе и деревне, чем занимаются подростки в Австралии и России, какие достопримечательности Британских островов привлекают туристов.

А что интересного у вас? Где вы живете? Какие достопримечательности есть в вашем родном поселке? Как вы любите проводить свободное время? Ответы на эти вопросы в нашей первой проектной работе "Lifestiles".

пятница, 5 сентября 2014 г.

Лиха беда - начало!

Дорогие семиклассники!
Поздравляю вас с началом нового учебного года и приглашаю продолжить наше сотрудничество. 

У нас много нового и интересного впереди: новый учебник, новые проекты и новый блог. Здесь вы сможете размещать свои работы, вести их обсуждение и задавать интересующие вопросы. Подпишитесь на сообщения блога и будьте в курсе всех событий. И так, начинаем!