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Project 1. Lifestyles

Task 1
Write an e-mail to your English penfriend. Write about:
  • where you live;
  • your daily routine;
  • what you are doing these days/ tonight.
Task 2
Write a short article on your favourite place in our town. Do you go there in your free time (50-70 words)? Use as many adjectives as you can. Write:
  • where it is;
  • how big/ small it is;
  • what you can see there;
  • what you can do there;
  • why you like it;
  • how you feel there.
Task 3
Collect information using the Internet, then write a "special report" on our town for the Geo-Kids website. Include positive and negative points.

Task 4
Write a short text about landmarks in your country. Use a map of your country to give a talk to the class.

Все работы, выполненные по теме "Образ Жизни", размещаем с ярлыком "Lifestyles".

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