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Project 3. Profiles

Task 1
Write a short paragraph about your favourite character in a book. Write:
  • name;
  • appearance;
  • character;
  • what is special about him/ her.
Task 2
Write an article (80-100 words) about a person you admire for the school magazine. Use the paragraph plan in Ex. 5, p. 30 to help you and the text in Ex. 1, p. 30 as a model. 

Task 3
Collect information using the Internet about a popular tourist attraction in Russia where you can see people in special uniforms. Write an e-mail to your English penfriend. Include:
  • where it is;
  • who you can see there;
  • what they look like.
Task 4
Did children work in your country in the 19th century? Use your history books or the Internet to find out. Write a short text about what kind of jobs they did and what their lives were like.
Все работы, выполненные по теме "Внешность, характер", размещаем с ярлыком "Profiles".

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